Michigan Bass Masters April Meeting 4/12/18


Gentlemen! We are almost there and I can’t be more excited!!

Here is the current agenda for Thursday.

PLEASE NOTE: Jersey Money is due at this meeting! Check your email for balance information. Also, hat information is included below. Don’t forget “Fish Stories” with Bart!

1. Overview of Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation President’s Meeting (3/18- Grand Rapids)
a. State Championship- Indian River (Burt/Mullet)
b. Results of Camper Raffle. Sold Kayak
c. Next President’s Meeting 4/22 (Virtual/WebEx)

2. Tips-Up-for Troops 2018

3. Up North Accommodations (Spring & Fall)

4. Club Jerseys (Member balances due!)

5. Club Hats ($15 each- bring to meeting)

6. New Club Website (likes, dislikes, any feedback?)
Beta Site:

7. “Fish Stories” with Bart Hopkins
Bring an antique fishing-related item

8. Pairing for May 12th Tournament (Detroit River) will occur during May 10th Club Meeting

9. Sponsorship Updates
a. Culprit Sponsorship Product ($2 per craw/worm/jerk pack; $3 per swim bait clam shell pack)
b. TFO and other news/updates

10. Boater /Non-boater Safety

11. Tournament Director Updates
12. Secretary/ Treasurer Updates
13. Communications Director Updates


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